Where’s Hello Kitty?

As a huge fan of Hello Kitty (obviously) and retro patterns, I am delighted to see her incorporated into Liberty of London’s fabrics.

A kitty within a kitty...

Her adorable minimalist head fits in so well with the delicate poppies and leaves.

There is even a toiletry kit from this collaboration. So coordinated, so cute. I hope Boots ships to the US…

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The combination of form and function in LED-related design is a beautiful thing. I’m not sure what function it serves though. Maybe helping to spot someone in a darkened room? I have my eye on the dress but maybe I’ll just settle on that sweet glowing table.

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Katy Perry’s New Hair

I don’t care whether it’s the product of the wear and tear of hot pink hair or faulty extensions… Katy Perry’s new short hair is just adorable.

Somehow the new faded colors are perfectly complimentary, like some Photoshop gradient. It kind of makes me want to try more experimental hair colors. Maybe teal…

It’s kind of odd how so many teal-haired girls have septum piercings. But I digress.

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Kiss Stick On Nails Review

Recently, I wanted to do my nails nicely but having short and damaged nails and not wanting to get an actual manicure, I sought out some stick on nails. I ended up getting the Kiss brand, being the only ones available with the glue already on. Surprisingly I was very satisfied with the results. They’re easy to apply with the adhesive already on them. They stick securely and they’re beautiful! They look very realistic or like actual acrylics from a distance. They are also one of the more reasonably priced ones out there. It’s a little difficult to type even with the Short length but I can’t stop admiring my (fake) nails.

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I’ve always been against acrylic nails for their tackiness (who really has nails that long?) and damage that they cause. But after seeing a couple of more subdued manicures, I think I might be changing my mind.

glitter tip acrylic nails

They did have glitter tips (I actually don’t mind a little tacky) but they were at a reasonable length and so well-maintained. We’ll see.

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Cyanotypes: simple photography

Like many creatively inclined teens, I once tried my hand at photography class. However, I did not enjoy it as much as other artistic endeavors. It was far too technical for my liking. But one technique stuck with me: cyanotype. The simplicity and unique look stayed with me for long after the class ended.

Anna Atkins algae cyanotype

The fact that you can simply lay a few objects on a piece of specially treated paper and have an image develop amazes me. The bleach t-shirt dyeing technique reminds me somewhat of this. The ease of use and awesome results make me very eager to try this out myself.

Bleached T shirtsbleach t shirt


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Mini Me, You Complete Me

It’s the same product, but there’s less of it. But it’s in a wee adorable package. I must have it!

mini essie!

mini essie!


mini orly!

mini orly!


(last but not least) mini opi!

(last but not least) mini opi!

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Starbucks vs. Bahamas

Recently, while pondering the menu at Starbucks, the Frappuccino Happy Hour sign caught my attention. Something about it looked familiar. Then it struck me…
Those colorful little drop shapes shapes on the signage are so similar to the Bahamas logo. Maybe there is something subliminal about these that reminds us of refreshing warm weather-related things.

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Quilling projects

I’m so amazed by the things that can be made with quilling.

Like jewelry…



quilling necklace


Sometimes they inspire non-paper designs.

Silver quilling ring

It can take on forms that you thought you could only dream of.

quilling snow white

Who's the fairest...

quilling bird



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Hair extensions

I’m not a fan of hair extensions. They require so much upkeep and the damage they’re capable of is frankly heartrending. But recently, when I saw a burgundy feather peeking through a random girl’s locks, my interest was piqued. It turned out she had… feather hair extensions!


All the colors of the rainbow

It recalls a kind of Pocahontas chic, effortlessly combining nature and modern hairstyling technology. But it dangerously toes the line between that and something that someone who wears a lot of Ed Hardy would love so I’m pretty wary of this trend. Plus I would most likely get the most obnoxious neon color available. I think I’ll avoid this while it goes the way of hair tinsel.

hair tinsel!

Sparkle sparkle!

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